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Welcome to Thermo Life® Energy Corp.

Thermo Life® is a revolutionary micro-technology device that is the culmination of eight years of research and development. Thermo Life® is a new, unique, small and compact Low Power Thermoelectric Generator ("LPTG") and viable energy source for low-powered devices such as micro sensor systems, ZigBee chipsets, wearable electronics, implantable medical devices, active RFID tags and numerous other applications. Wherever a temperature difference exists in any environment, the autonomous device, Thermo Life®, is capable of producing an output power. Even small temperature differences of less than 5 Kelvin can provide a source of thermal energy.

Thermo Life® converts heat energy to electrical energy through its thermopile couples using the thermopile principle (Seebeck effect). When both heat couple plates are thermally connected with a heat source and a heat sink, heat flows through thermopiles and is converted directly into electrical energy.

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