Brief Guide to Granite Selection

Brief Guide to Granite Selection

Choosing the best granite for your kitchen or bathroom can be a very tiring task. As a first time buyer of granite, you need to know the kinds of granite available in the market and how to choose the suitable one according to your needs. Granite selection is not an easy task when it is available in various forms. In the market, you have granite in the form of slabs, gang saw and tiles. According to your requirements, choose the granite form and its size.

Do’s and Don’t while buying granite.

Granite is an expensive material and a one-time investment for people. Nobody gets their kitchen and bathroom counters and interiors changed again and again. If you are involved in granite selection for the first time, then follow the do’s given below-

  • Find out about your need and accordingly decide whether you want to go for slab or tiles.
  • Granite is bought in bulk. If you decide to buy a particular granite, then buy it from the same vendor. Also, granite is a natural stone and you may not find similar patterns. Keep in mind to buy granite from one lot.
  • If you wish to use granite tiles for your bathroom and outside of the house in passages, go for flamed tiles only. These are granite tiles with a rough finish.

Don’t of granite selection are as follows-

  • Avoid taking granite with more iron content.
  • If you have decided to buy granite tiles then don’t go for unsized one at all. The installation of unsized tiles is a very expensive and is an unnecessary waste of time.
  • Do not try to find a perfect granite for your purpose. You will waste your time unnecessary. Choose the one which clicks in the first go and suits your needs.

The process of granite selection is often tedious with the specificities of granite and vast choice available in the market. Be patient and follow the do’s and don’t above to make an informed decision about the granite.

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