Eyelash Extensions – What are they?

As we know the eyelash extensions are used for beauty enhancement, they vary in size, shape and structure. They increase the thickness of your eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are applied by sticking them on eyelashes using adhesive glue, which takes hours to apply on. To apply eyelash requires a skilled or trained person as this takes hours and to protect the ...

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Why are eyelash important and among other questions

Numerous ladies (and men) long for having long and solid looking eyelashes and there are a few traps accessible to help advance the development and strength of these hairs – regardless of the possibility that you have lost them because of disease or through other therapeutic medications. For what reason do we require eyelashes? You may just think about your ...

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Simple Hacks for Men’s Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it looks like we always want more, more, more. Not every guyhas the time to do a major precondition so here are few fashion hacks and grooming tips and tricks that you can apply to improve your appearance without spending too much money or time. Maintain your jeans by freezing it Cleaning your denim regularly ...

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