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Few ways to get startup investors

Many people fear the thought of a startup business. It isn’t that easy to establish your own business. The main cause of it is because a startup requires tons of cash to sustain the competitive market. This is what makes it most challenges. One may have an excellent idea but the fact of not have a sufficient funds makes the company tremble and ultimately fall.

However, funding doesn’t simply walk up to someone. You have to make efforts and visit investors like Alan Jiwan. They invest in promising projects. Here are some of the ways to get funding for your startup.

Build up your network

Business is all about increasing your network. The network is of strong influential leaders who are likely to invest in the startup. The whole success of the startup business completely depends on the network that you have in the industry. Alan Jiwan has realized this at a really easy age and so he is what he is today. You can do the following things to increase your network:

investing mindset

  • LinkedIn is a great place for aspiring leaders to build a network. You can join in influential groups in LinkedIn that has accounts with entrepreneurial interest and with investing mindset.
  • Have social media account like Facebook and Twitter that is a common platform to get attracted to people of the same kind.
  • Get to know people through friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances etc. The better you are at the communication level the better and easier would be to get investment.

Make the market feel your presence

Investors won’t just simply hunt you down to make the investment. They look for influential startup ideas that can resist the competitive markets. The best way to demonstrate is to make an appeal in the market. It is important to let know everyone that you exist and have a great plan.

The news of your idea has to be spread all over. The best medium to do this is the newspaper. If your name appears in the newspaper then maybe you would be welcomed by some investors.


Talk with angel investors and venture capitalist regarding your project. Also, enter a different competition that helps to get the funding easier for potential projects.

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