Portable Trackers To Avoid Losing Items

Portable Trackers To Avoid Losing Items

More and more items are introduced in the market these days. These are items that make people’s lives easier. One good example is a mobile phone that makes communication easy and fast. Now, what is much more advanced than this? If you have heard about Bluetooth, you may have an idea of what it is all about. Bluetooth can be used in a lot of ways today. It is normally used in mobile phones, earphones, speakers, and on TV. Built-in Bluetooth is a lot of great use, especially on devices.

The portable trackers

Portable Bluetooth trackers are widely used nowadays. It is used for securing an item not to get lost. Normally, the keys, electronics, or cards may get lost or misplaced. So, there is an ideal solution to track these items by using portable trackers. One of the best trackers is compared today like Trackr vs Tile. So, users must know the specifications of both trackers. As a customer, you may have a specification that you want in an item, so you must check out the difference. 

Portable Trackers To Avoid Losing Items

The comparison

Comparing both trackers are very important to identify which one you need, you could check here. Both are forms of Bluetooth trackers; those are popular trackers. These two brands are making a good name due to its benefits. You will learn the comparison of both trackers here, check below:

  • Trackr. It is a kind of Bluetooth tracker that used compact pixels that are designed for personal items. This tracker can be attached directly to the items that you are going to track. It can be attached using a key loop or adhesive tape. Trckr comes into two products:
  • Bravo
  • Pixel

Trackers come with replaceable batteries that give a warning when getting low. Each of the trackers operates Bluetooth 4.0 – 100 feet away. Each pixel achieves 90 dB when rungs the unit. The Bluetooth tracking system can ring the unit when in silent mode. TrackRs companion app is compatible with both Android and iOS. Using the app, you can ring the pixels when misplaced or lost. The users can locate any pixel on a map using the app.

  • Tile. Tile comes in several options of Bluetooth trackers. These are the Tile Mate, Pro, Slim, and Sport. Tile Bluetooth trackers are nearly substantial in comparison to the adhesive types. Each unit is designed to be a standalone unit. It can be attached to a wallet or a key ring. The tile app is used to function the Bluetooth tracker. It has various features such as the following:
  • Rings the Tiles
  • Rings the phone

The Tile app notifies you when the lost item is out of range.

Any of the two Bluetooth trackers can be used. It depends on your specifications if which item you prefer to buy.

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