Positive aspects of computer games

Usually, when we hear about games and children in one sentence, we learn various atrocities about the pernicious impact of electronic entertainment on our kids. Today, Overwatch boost the approach of the other party, less afraid of new media: we present what exactly is good in games for our children.

Games teach problem solving

Banality, but we often forget about it. When a child plays a game, his brain is not in a state of pleasant apathy, but is actively working on analyzing and solving problems.

And the game usually Overwatch boost puts a whole lot of him in front of him, because we have long since abandoned titles in which you had to go right and jump from time to time. In today’s games, kids search, plan, talk to characters in the game world, negotiate, try new approaches, check the various options and try to understand the scenario.

Games require a lot of commitment and creativity from their brains, which, moreover, often finds an outlet in the form of long sessions with character editors, in which you can change the appearance of the hero. Theoretically, it’s the domain of girls, but boys also attach great importance to who they play.

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Games teach cooperation but also competition

Today, most games have a mode for two or more players. Sometimes the players have to compete with each other, sometimes to cooperate – the latter is best seen in examples of music games , where young people without hints of embarrassment into microphones and drums in plastic drums.

Lego series titles are also geared towards collaboration, where unique character skills are required to pass the level. Kids understand the need for cooperation as well as the essence of competition. Thanks to the games, kids can feel the taste of victory for the first time and learn what it’s like to lose. It’s better to have them rehearsed in games.

Games facilitate making new contacts

Most kids (unlike us, their parents) consider computer games as an activity that brings them closer together, rather than divides them. The video game is a platform for meeting friends and strangers – and its virtuality is no obstacle to meeting new people.

It turns out that social barriers are easier to break in this way for boys who most often play together, whether through the network or on one console or computer . Even if the latter means you have to change the pad or keyboard. This is clearly seen at birthdays, where kids from various environments often meet (classmates from the pool plus classmates, for example) – playing together blurs these boundaries.

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