Reasons to start meditating

Reasons to start meditating

Stress is the basic reason for meditation to become popular these days. Initially it was the old retired people engaging in meditation but today there is no age to come in contact with your inner self with the help of meditation to combat the stress.  There are many reasons and good benefits to do meditation. It induces calm and physical relaxation. Some studies show that meditation changes your brain and body composition. The main aim of meditation is to quieten the mind and control one’s thoughts. With regular practice of meditation it produces changes in brains circuit that is involved in regulating the emotions and reduce the stress hormones like Coristol.

guide to meditation

A look at the guide to meditation

A detailed meditation guide is discussed to see the reasons to start meditating. It is divided into physical and psychological benefits. The physical effects on the body are:

  • Meditation increases the size of brain to grow, both in volume and thickness. It increases one’s memory, attention span, self awareness etc. It increases the blood flow to the brain. Better the flow. Better will be the functioning of the brain.
  • Meditation reduces the production of stress hormone making the person to feel less anxiety and nervousness.
  • Meditation increases the production of the neurotransmitters which play a great role in controlling the moods.
  • Meditation reduces blood pressure and heart rate. It also helps us to rest and recover from stress.
  • Immunity increases which results in the overall well being of the body.
  • Muscle tension arises because of stress and if left unchecked then it leads to spinal issues, lack of mobility in the body. Meditation causes muscle relaxation.
  • Meditation works as an anti aging product. It slows down aging process.

 “Meditation is like dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built.” It helps us to gain awareness about ourselves. A meditation guide to mind full meditation is very effective. With the help of meditation one understands the life’s purpose. Develops a deeper understanding about the happiness trapped inside us. One tends to become positive and with all the oxygen reaching ones brain.

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