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Schools and Colleges may follow a no-gadget move in the upcoming days

Many people these days think about the reasons behind the unequal distribution of successful educational institutions that do not properly contribute to inward migration to states where the best educational institutions available. They have to understand and bear in mind that the overall cut-off marks for selection in such educational institution touches 100% or near an ideal score in particular subjects.  For example, the computer science programme for the general category students in 2015 Indraprastha College for women and College of Vocational studies had 100% cut off marks.  Shri Ram college of commerce announced the cut off marks 98.25% for economics in 2016.

There are many top schools in the UK in our time. One of these schools has confiscated a wide range of gadgets like Xboxes, Play stations and mobiles from pupils’ homes for enhancing the exam results as well as behaviors.  The King Solomon Academy located in Marylebone in West London has recently seized some gaming devices on some occasions from some pupils with consent from their parents. This successful measure was introduced to encourage very good behavior as well as exam grades at the same time.  Many residents in India these days think about whether educational institutions all through the nation follow this policy after approval from parents, students and the education authorities.

Schools and Colleges may follow a no-gadget move in the upcoming days

Sandra McMahon is a Mumbai based teacher at the most renowned St. Mary’s High school said that the introduction of gadgets in classrooms lead to lack of creativity because continuous use of video games. Many children suffer from accidents caused by playing video games while crossing the road and other routine activities that require enough concentration to be out of harm’s way. However, they can get more than expected benefits after they have begun properly using the special gadgets.

Niharika Bhnatia is a 17 years old commerce student in St Lawrence School in Mumbai. She said that this act must be undertaken by almost every Indian school. This is because this act does not fail to help students for enhancing their thinking capability beyond the aggression.
Ava Dharman Pal is the chief educational officer in the Utpal Sanghvi Scool said that students in London have a fairly loose family structure, schools in London have only a limited number of students and teachers in London do not have any kind of practical ways to visit each student’s home. All favourable and successful elements of educational system in the UK are suggested for Indian schools.

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