The clubs of creators, buyers and entrepreneurs

It is well known, “unity is a strength” and join a club of creators or buyers when building a project has many benefits. This allows CRATE CLUB  you to build relationships, to enjoy the experience of others, to share his enthusiasm or his “blues” …

Why join a club of creators or buyers?

Not to go it alone! It is important for you, who you launch into a business project, not to remain isolated.Meet regularly with people who experience the same experience as you, ask the same questions, have the same doubts, the same fears … can only be rewarding and beneficial!

And this is true even if their profiles and business sectors are different from yours. Indeed, the creative process remains the same and you can help each other by sharing unlimited information, tips, tricks, tips, contacts, etc.

Participating in meetings and appointments organized by the clubs of creators allows you to forge links that will be for some sustainable and to establish a professional network.

This network will be particularly useful after the creation of your company to find solutions to the resolution of one-off difficulties or your development projects. For example, you may want to pool human and financial CRATE CLUB  resources to save time and money, such as sharing premises or a booth at a trade show.

You will also have the opportunity to cross a potential associated (e). It is also an opportunity to find partners to integrate their services into your overall offer. You will be able to reach a broader target, with a complete service and be more competitive with competitors.

What services do these clubs provide?

They vary from one club to another, but generally, membership allows you to benefit from:

  • Thematic conferences involving experts,
  • Breakfast discussions on topics that concern you directly,
  • Business visits,
  • Of training,
  • Friendly meetings,
  • A directory of members,

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