Things to Be Taken Care for Your Mountain Bikes

Things to Be Taken Care for Your Mountain Bikes

Have you ever tried mountain biking? Millions say that it’s the most electrifying sport around the world and many people have started their career as mountain bike riders.  It’s not just a hobby, for many people it’s more than a sport and passion toward the sport is eternal. However, mountain biking isn’t just for experienced riders, even you can kick-start the mountain bike riding by following essential tips while you begin the ride.

If you’re a beginner then learn the necessary things or tools that you have to carry when mountain biking. Apart from carrying the energy supplements in every ride, make sure you give proper attention to your bike which reduces mechanical intimidates. A regular preventive check helps to keep your bike journey safe and sound.

Follow few useful tips that can make your bike ride awesome and improves your riding experience

1.         Lubricate your bikes

If you want to make your drive exciting then lubricate your bike’s moving parts regularly, which gives long lasting results in efficient ways. When you lubricate the bike, it reduces the accumulation of grime and dirt that helps to enhance the moving parts performance.

Here’s a tip to move your bike smooth by applying the grease to the rotating pedals in a clockwise direction. Make sure to lube on the derailleur, pivot point on your brake levers, and other moving parts. Wipe off the excess oil with a dry and clean cloth, if it’s found on you bike’s chain.

Mountain Bikes

A lubricated bike makes braking smooth to increase the performance and minor rust spots can be fixed by rubbing the steel wood against them. Make sure you wear the protective elements to avoid disintegrates on the skin. It’s tough to remove rust from major components like a chain, but it can be replaced.

2.         Pay attention to the cables

Some bike’s cables are made up of the materials that are tightly coiled with metal wire or oil caged in the plastic casing.  Cables are usually connected to the shifters and brakes on the bike’s handlebars, brake pads, and the derailleur.

Make sure you check the cable and adjacent rubber housing for crimps, cracks, looseness, and dirt. When you buy a cable, oil them a day before your ride to smooth the brakes that help to intensify your bike’s performance. Keep a reminder to change cables or oil them frequently to keep your bike in an optimum stage.

3.         Inspect both the tires

Mountain bike offers adhesive friction on the ground that allows traveling on the unlikely exteriors, such as rocky region, mud, and sometimes ladder bridges. They form a supple cushion to help them in smoothening the thumps and bumps in your way and make a comfortable and relaxed ride.

Make sure you examine the tire’s ideal pressure, which can vary according to the riding speed and try to maintain the tire pressure between 30-40 psi (pounds per square inch). If the tire has low psi then it provides more grip on the technical and loose terrain, but it’s likely to prone to the plane surface. The airs present in the tires try to escape naturally, so invest in a remarkable floor pump with a gauge to the check the tire pressure regularly.

Make sure you take the necessary precautions to extend the life of the ride and use the basic consistent to keep your bike strong and add life to it. When there’s a proper preventive maintenance your mountain bike could gain speed just like formula one or F1 car.

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