Wardak was born to conquer, in the year 1977. He has been fighting to survive since young. Facing the onslaught of life in war torn Afghanistan, he was dispatched by his father, the then Minister of Defense Abdul Rahim Wardak, to some of the richest and well guarded schools in Pakistan to ensure his survival. Picked on as an outsider in Pakistan, Wardak left for more a welcoming environment, to complete his high school in the United States of America. He then followed it up with a quality degree in Government and Political Science. He was the Valedictorian student of his class of 1997, and awarded with the rare and valuable Rhodes Scholarship. Hamed Wardak was now ready to take on the World.

The Architect (Of His Fate)

Wardak set his targets out boldly. Returning to Afghanistan, he worked side by side with other volunteers to repair his war torn land and restore confidence in a depressed people. Iconic acts of charity also set apart the son of Abdul Rahim, and he was loved by grateful Afghans. But, after completing several construction projects in his native country, he was suddenly hit by the realization that the scales of growth of his projects were never going to be enough, unless he could generate more funds.

The Tycoon

Wardak’s realization made his return to USA inevitable.  His super brain and dedication almost immediately was recognized by his peers, and he was almost immediately absorbed by renowned company like Merrill Lynch. Finally, he joined Technologies Inc., from which platform he began generating the wealth necessary to assist Afghanistan meaningfully.

Early Result

Hamed Wardak has started his phenomenal run, and till date has already closely worked with the US Ministry of Defense and USAID and managed to do complete US$44 million worth of Design contracts for his beloved Afghanistan.

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