Wardak Ventured Business And Music

Wardak Ventured Business And Music

When speaking of a young successful businessman, Hamed belongs to them. He is one of the most remarkable people in the young generation. His life works, and achievements made him a good inspiration to the younger generation. Hamed Wardak nurtured many rounds of success in the world of business. Successful Merrill Lynch hired Wardak and both worked as mergers. They build good business and become successful. He handled high-profile business mergers. Wardak builds an impressive reputation with Lynch.

Engaged in various businesses

With the impressive work and reputation of Hamed, he was asked after by a high-profile construction company. Technologists Inc. handled clients that made Wardak accepts the opportunity to work with this high-profile company. He took the position as Managing Director of the International Relations. While working with these successful names in the business industry, he has started own clothing brand named Lucas Athletics. Wardak becomes a contributing author of some orchestrated articles for the Huffington Post. The articles contributed are all about life experiences pointing to the home country and the citizens suffered in the current situation.

Hamed Wardak

Valen of Wicked means

Hamed Wardak is the founder and creator of new-found music production. Wardak created and produced own techno music, which is named Valen of Wicked. It was named after Wardak’s life experiences. Valen of Wicked means everything comes in your mind. But, it will be in a positive meaning. The reason why he came up with sharing music with the world is being influenced by his past. The word “wicked” represents a lot of ideas, which is why he is confident about using it. The word is not always used to mean evil, it represents everything. He means that it is all about the hard and good parts of Wardak’s life. For him, wicked work very closely with the techno style music. For the word “Valen”, honor and bravery. Valen and Wicked are good combinations that represent two different meanings. The honor shows the decency of a person and natural wickedness. Hamed prefers to face wickedness and lead those experienced directly to the created music.

Hamed is a motivated man

Wardak stays fit beside his busy schedule. He never loses time of going to the gym daily as his daily routine. He keeps himself agile and always active. For him, physical health is so much important. According to Hamed, how can a person becomes successful if he/she is physically fit? Physical health is very much important and the rest will follow.

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