4 Types of Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are starting to become really popular not only as an advertisement of campaign ads and products but also for adding a personal touch to your vehicle, especially if you find your vehicle’s original outer coat boring. Vinyl design options are endless since designs are edited via computers. You can have the designs just like what you have imagined.

However, here is the tricky part. How do you plan to put that design on your vehicle? There are different ways to apply the design on your vehicle. Here are 4 types of vehicle graphics application.

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Vinyl Lettering

If you just want letters and numbers as your vehicle design, then you can have this by requesting for a vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is the least expensive form of graphics for vehicles. This is also the easiest to apply and also the installation and drying will not take that long. This is good for putting the name of the company you are representing including details such as its commercial address, contact number and personnel, and also the e-mail address. You can put your name on your vehicle. You can even put your favorite quote or motto in life. This simply just letting the people read your message.

Vinyl Decals

If you prefer images rather than letters, then go for vinyl decals. This is more expensive than lettering, of course. This is applicable especially if you are representing an organization. This can be your company’s logo or a campaign event logo. If this is for yourself, it can be a picture of something you adore or desire. If you like putting flame images on the lower part of your car, vinyl decal is the right vehicle graphic for you.

Perforated Window Vinyl

This is probably the coolest vehicle graphic design. This vinyl is put on the window of your vehicle.  This is done to have a continuous design spread across your vehicle and to avoid awkward cut-offs. The amazing part of these is that the people outside the vehicle will see the design but will not see you. But the people inside the vehicle will not see the design but will see the view outside the vehicle. This means that the vinyl will not affect the purpose of the vehicle’s window.

Vinyl Wrap

This is the most expensive of all types of vehicle graphics. This is literally wrapping your car with vinyl. This is where you will get really creative. This requires major scaling and thorough measurements but the results are absolutely mesmerizing. This is the most suitable type for product and campaign advertisement.

Whichever you use will always depend on the design you have in mind. Just make sure it is unique but simple. Also, make sure that your design is not disturbing and irritating because people will see it wherever you drive.

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