5 Ways to Break Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Once you have started on a weight loss schedule, there comes a point where you no longer see any effect of your daily weight loss practices. Here, you wonder what is the reason for this and wonder if there are any changes required in your plan. For this, it is important to understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss refers to losing fat when you retain the muscle and keep up with your water levels. And the only way to know that there is a difference in your weight is by checking the weight difference in a few days. There are no weight loss supplements that can help at this stage.

So, what is a weight loss plateau?

If there is no change in your weight loss after a couple weeks, then you can consider that you have hit a weight loss plateau. However, this is not completely true because there is a possibility that you have lost fat but might have had water retention which could not show up any difference. So how to break this weight loss plateau.

Ways to break it

There won’t be a great result from any weight loss supplement, but try these steps to get desired results.

Avoid eating more calories than you need. Because as such there is a drop in the metabolism and when there is a more calorie intake, there will sure be no change in your weight loss. You will be surprised that only 200-300 more calories per day will stop the fat loss process. SO, just choose nutrients required for the body and avoid the calories.

If there is control over your calorie intake, you can increase the cardiovascular exercise. May be you can increase doing it for one more day in a week or increase it by 10minutes each day. The idea is to alter the scale just a little more to lose more weight.

Have a cheat meal. The first thing with it is that it gives you a psychological boost and keeps you motivated and happy and you do more towards losing weight.

The next is that, it affects a hormone called leptin which is responsible to regulate hunger, increase metabolic rate, increase appetite, motivation and also libido. The calorie deficit diet decreases the leptin levels, thereby affecting all the other factors in a negative way. So, when you have a cheat meal and your body gets more calories than required, there is a boost in leptin levels which can have positive affect on weight loss.

Lifting heavy weights also increases metabolic rate which enhances weight loss. You can even include squats and dead lifts as they help to burn more fat.


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