Patrick Landau from Israel

A Peek At The Life Of Maydex’s Patrick Landau

This sixty-something successful businessman, Patrick Landau has accomplished more than any person of his age. Many people think that he got everything on a silver platter. Little did they know that Patrick Landau has been through the struggles and challenges that most accomplished individual has been through, just to reach his goals in life and live his dream. If you want to be inspired by the experiences of Patrick Landau, then prepare to be amazed.

The Humble  Beginnings Of Patrick Landau

Landau was a young adult in 1979 when he decided that he needed to study abroad to fulfill his dreams. Although he already received his Bac C in Mathematics in 1977, he decided that the United States is the place where he can study more.

In 1983, Landau received his MBA in physics and economics. A year later, he decided that he needed to do something more, so he enrolled at Harvard to study economics.

Patrick Landau from Israel

Patrick Landau Before Maydex

Landau left the administration and started his own business in the US. It was a small business but he was able to get a feel of the coffee trade. He brought it to Africa and it was a success. He also sold it on to the coffee roasters in France. He then met his young Englishwoman wife on his business trip in 1986.

The couple decided to move to London and this is where he continued his business. This is where he discovered more about the business world. He realized that more multinational corporations are interested in his expertise. He was able to do business with large companies and this includes the military.

Patrick Landau And His Successes In Life

Patrick Landau knows the successes that he already achieved in his life. But he doesn’t want to stop learning. He continues to educate himself by making sure that he reads a lot of news articles in six different languages. This way, he is able to find amazing deals from all around the world.

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