Avast the best antivirus

Avast the best antivirus

Avast is known to be one of the most famous antivirus programs in today’s time. It is known to be a guardian for securing the windows machine. With every new version new features are added to the make it a new version of avast security. The latest version of avast antivirus has a number of new features and also some other improvements that gives it an amazing look.

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New features of avast antivirus

  • Game mode- This is an antivirus setting that is best for every gamer. With game mode avast ensures optimized performance while silencing all notifications during the gameplay. It also acts as a shield from system notifications. The game mode helps in optimizing the PC’s performance by preventing the other processes from beginning while you are playing the game. There is a walk through tutorial that helps in activating the game mode.
  • Passive mode- This feature is best for those who are quite careful and enthusiastic about their online security. It can also be use with another antivirus program; this gives immense security. One has to see the tutorial before using the passive mode even though it is easy.
  • Behaviour shield- The behaviour shield is used to monitor the other programs that are there on the PC; this helps to check any suspicious behaviour.

With adding features it also brings a lot of improvements like the cybercapture; this helps in preventing the PC for getting infected with malware. The latest version also has an improved user interface. The three new modes (game mode, passive mode and behaviour shield) added to the latest version make avast antivirus a more protected and shielded program that helps to prevent the computer from getting any malware. One can choose to buy premier version, the pro version or the free version according to their need.


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