Basic services offered for car and their detailed specifications

When a car comes for service, there are certain basic services offered to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle in all terrains. This includes suspension, transmission, engine, wheel alignment, tyres and emissions from car. These services are done to meet the requirements from the state vehicle regulation authorities and pollution control boards.

Transmission, engine and suspension checks

The transmission system of a car enables the engine to give excellent performance within the allowed parameters. The working of combustion engine is a key point behind checking transmission. Engine diagnostics, batteries, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs, starters and timing belts are components that are taken care during a transmission and engine service. On other hand the suspension service takes care of the components that are attached with wheels to provide support to vehicle and protects vehicle from impact of uneven terrains. This service includes checking of components like springs, shock absorbers, struts, bushings and bearings, steering system, wheels and tyres.

Help combat air pollution with well maintained emissions

It is essential for a car to pass the emission inspection to ensure the safety to environment. Several certifications are also provided for cars to find their emission level such as ASE certifications L1, A6 and A8. New model cars come with a 5-gas analyser that helps in quantifying the emissions. To have a control over emission, maintain proper inflation of tires, replace engine oil at periodic intervals, check for proper replacement of fuel cap after each filling and clean surface near fuel cap, check the engine belts often for wear and tear and constantly monitor the emission levels.

Cool your engine as well as your internal car space

While you enjoy air-conditioned interior, take care of the well-being of your engine with a proper coolant. The conversion of gasoline energy to mechanical power is not always perfect and hence excess heat is produced during the process. Cooling system takes care of this heat and for effective functioning

of engine and to prevent degradation, periodic coolant replacement is essential. A proper maintenance of thermostats, radiator, cooling fans, coolant flushing and checking leaks can help in this process. The air that goes to the engine should not contain from pollen, dust and debris to prevent choking of engine. These pollutants, if present, can also contaminate the fuel and can lead to mechanical wear. Using proper air filters can prevent this problem and periodic change of air filters should fall in the primary service of cars.

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