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Mobile games are definitely a good way to pass the time, especially when you’re basically doing nothing and staring at a ceiling wondering what to do. If you are, why not try and play mobile games. The good thing about these games, unlike console based games is that you can practically play them anywhere, anytime (as long as it’s appropriate to do so).

One of the most popular downloaded mobile games is the 8 ball games online where in you can get to play actual pool in the palm of your hand. This game is great for players who actually play pool and for those who have a general idea on how the game works and want to play it as well.


One thing that makes this mobile game a fun game to play is the interactivity. You don’t just play to win. Well, probably you do but you know experience isn’t the only thing you get when winning… err, playing. Every time you play, you get to play for Pool coins and whoever wins gets the coins. These coins can either be used to buy customized cues or table cloth colours in the pool shop or saved so you can challenge higher ranks. The higher the ranking, the more coins are at stake.

Pool, connecting peoPOOL

It’s fun to play against the computer from time to time since it lets you hone your skills but playing against the computer might become a little too dragging so why not play against your friends? The 8 ball mobile game lets you play against your friends as well as other people around the globe. Test your skills against random players from every corner of the globe and if you feel like you’re good enough, you can always try and test your luck in the tournament.

With the 8 ball mobile game, you can pass the time while winning prizes as well as honing your skill in the game. Go against friends or other players, enter tournaments, win prizes, collect pool coins and customize the table and your cue.


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