Difference between online exam and the traditional paper exam

 We are living in a digital world and everything is being digitalized, right from banks to offices. The form of examination is one among them. In today’s world most of the competitive exams are conducted online. The schools are also changing from the traditional form of writing exam to the online examinations because they are time efficient, cost efficient, efficient and secure.

Here, we will look into the major differences between the traditional paper exam and the modern form of online examination, and try to find out which form is better and why.

Difference between online examination and traditional paper examination-

In online exam, questions are in the computer and you have to answer in the computer itself while in the traditional exam, the questions are to be answered in Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheet.

In online exam, you are supposed to click the right option answer and in paper exam, you are supposed to shade the right option with a pencil.

In online exam questionnaire, no notes can be written while in paper exam, notes can be written on question paper as well.

In online exam, there can be technical and network problems because of which the student might have to retake the exam while in paper exam, students do not face such problems.

In online exam, there is no need for invigilators while in paper exams, invigilators are mandatory.

The scope of cheating in online examination is quite different when compared to paper exam. Cheating can be done in online examination by sharing answers with fellow students or other people outside using the computer. Students can copy-paste answers from the internet as answers. The PC’s brought by the students can contain tools that are not allowed in the exam. Students can carry Pen drives to pass information and answers to each other.

When compared with each other, the online examination is very promising because the chances of cheating can be curbed or at least checked. The online examination is much better option when compared to the paper exam.

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