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Elo boosting and its consequences, and where to get one

One way to level up quickly and strengthen your characters and your account in League of Legends is through Match Making Rating (MMR) or also known as Elo boosting which is a process wherein a player logs into another player’s account to play a ranked game. Meaning, the player who logs into another account have full authorization from the owner as the former serves as a pilot of the account to play hours and hours of gaming to level up and improve the owner’s entire account tremendously.

Although it is completely acceptable in the world of gaming, however, a lot of gamers and servers out there consider this as a form of cheating and unfair way to level up your character although its main intention is to improve the owner of the account’s MMR in any ranked game that is played by the pilot or the Elo booster.

So, why is it illegal in mobile gaming and video gaming to use Elo boost in your account? MMR boosting or Elo boosting may sound like another easy way for a player to level up and strengthen their character and it looks a very harmless crime at all, well, there are actually a lot of negative effects on the game itself and for other players because if you use it, you are literally taking advantage of something that should be treated unfairly.

League of Legend’s system

League of Legend’s system has been carrying out careful tuning so that players can always place it on their proper tier with other players who are in the same skill level and if a player’s MMR is boosted unnaturally, it will most definitely fail if they begin to play ranked at the new tier that they belong to. If a player was not able to keep up with other higher MMR players during a match, then it will most likely degrade or destroy the essence of the game and the entirety of its experience for everyone who plays it. Just imagine you are going up against players who are ten times have a higher level than you but are on the same tier and they have level ten weapons and armors while you were just starting, isn’t that discouraging?

If you want to earn your MMR the right way, it takes a lot of hours of gaming, hard work, commitment and determination to become better and earn a higher rank in League of Legends because MMR boosting devalues the entire commitment of other players who tirelessly played and spent countless hours just to become better and earn their rightful place in the rankings.

However, if you are really adamant with your decision to get an Elo boosting for your account, there are countless ways to do that. You can just simply Google Elo booster sites that offer cheap services for players who badly want to improve their MMR rankings and go up against higher-ranked and higher-tiered players, and it is always up to you if you are up to the risk itself.

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