Eyelash Extensions – What are they?

As we know the eyelash extensions are used for beauty enhancement, they vary in size, shape and structure. They increase the thickness of your eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are applied by sticking them on eyelashes using adhesive glue, which takes hours to apply on. To apply eyelash requires a skilled or trained person as this takes hours and to protect the eyes from getting glued. They can be used for year or a period of time. There are even false eyelashes which differ from eyelash extensions.

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What is false eyelash?

False eyelashes are a row or lined up synthetic hair with adhesives to attach. They can be available easily in any store at low prices depending on the brand. They can be directly glued to the eyelashes taking about 1 to 10 minutes of time. They can be used for single time only and to remove every day after use to avoid damage to the eyes. The proper removing of false eyelashes with patience is the best way to avoid damage to lashes. These eyelashes can be shaped according to the structure of eyes like: deepset eyes, downturned eyes, hooded eyes and prominent eyes. Trim your lashes in a shape you prefer to.

Extensions for the first time: Try some steps:

  • Get the best eyelash extensions available in the market and use the best brand to avoid damage.
  • Take assistance from your friends to apply them on.
  • Close your eyes completely while the process takes place.
  • Use both the hands to apply them for a better shape.
  • Clean your natural eyelashes and eyes before starting the process.
  • Let the eyelashes dry and comb them up with the brush.
  • Add little glue to each extension and put on the first natural eyelash.
  • Continue doing it in an order for a good curl or lengthy lashes.
  • Allow them to settle down and look beautiful.
  • This is how you can look gorgeous.

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