Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak: A new look at philanthropy

Created by Hamed Wardak, which already supports another project focused on school children in Afghan, this project benefits both its participants and one or more charitable organizations.

The charitable organizations that benefit are selected by the participants, but from the very beginning of the project, he contributed to a wide variety of reasons, many of which are medical, but also some of the most common reasons, so there is no specificity or discrimination.

When it comes to which charities get support, it’s just about who the participants choose.

The Hamed Wardak program of events conducted by the project participants is determined by the organizational bodies in three stages, each of which is designed to develop their organizational and financial management skills. This type of experience will contribute to the development of these people when it comes to later life, and will enable them to make changes in their communities.

The educational quality of this project becomes apparent because, by reading this website, everyone can see how the program is specifically designed to train its participants in the field of finance and investment, especially with regard to charity. This, therefore, will help them at a higher level in their career.

Activities and training

Through these activities and training, these participants receive much more from this type of charitable donation than just making a donation, they receive experience, skills, education, as well as a developed code of ethics and, possibly, a new perspective when it comes to Charity. work and charity are perceived in a dominant society. Throughout the project, several incentives are provided to maximize the experience that each participant receives from the program.

By browsing this entire website, everyone can get a complete picture of how the project works, how it is funded, what type of work it does, and the benefits provided to both participants and beneficiaries.

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