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Helpful Tips To Choosing The Right Color Consideration For Your Awards – Read Here!

It can be a daunting task to select recognition awards for your presentation or event. There is a myriad of variables that need to get factored into the decision, often conflicting, including the desired event image, the presenting entity’s “brand personality,” award recipient expectations, and budget constraints. Organizations need to be cautious when juggling these variables – awards that are of a sub-par value, or do not adequately reflect the presentation’s reputation, may potentially have a detrimental effect on the overall event, and leave a negative impression on the winner and other stakeholders.

Colors You Might Consider For Your Custom Awards

One of the choices you may be asked to make when you create a new custom award design is the color scheme for your awards. Custom-cut metal awards, which can get made in an almost infinite variety of colors, most often associate this choice. Moreover, our awards for silver, pewter, and crystal recognition can also include unique colors as either the award’s main color component or as an accent on the first surfaces of the prize.

Red: Red brings text and images to the forefront, making it a characteristic color when attempting to capture the attention of someone. Red is considered a color that is very emotionally intense, often tied to passion, love, and anger. Red is commonly used in heraldry to show bravery. The unique perpetual business award features a series of bronze spheres in a pyramid shape, with a red field at the top. The red area, painted with the staff of a pewter physician, is the subject of the company logo and its award model.

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Yellow: Joy, joy, knowledge, and power are often associated with yellow. Because it is so vivid, yellow is a potent color to attract attention and is commonly used to highlight the most critical elements of a design. Yellow is an excellent choice for awards designed to evoke feelings of pleasure and cheer. For example, a bright yellow cake features the Nashville Scene “Sugar Rush” award, among other sugar delights in bright colors. This fun, colorful, and unique award design captures the magic of desserts so that a solid color of silver, bronze, or gold would not be able to do so.

Green: Green suggests stability and stamina, as well as growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green also has active emotional security correspondence. The “Green Awards,” a Green Giant-sponsored sustainability competition, are created to honor visionary people, organizations, and ordinary families who are innovating to make our world more prosperous and greener.

Blue: Depth and stability are often synonymous with blue. It symbolizes honesty, loyalty, knowledge, confidence, intellect, faith, and truth. In comparison to emotionally warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow, blue is synonymous with consciousness and intelligence. It also gets considered a more masculine color; but, with so many shades of blue to choose from, you might be able to use a hue that could get regarded as more feminine or even more childlike if necessary.

When choosing colors for your awards, you want to make sure your product, company, event, and recipients are accurately represented. Sometimes this is an easy task because the scheme has to stick to a product or company color palette. Some times, though, this option is somewhat versatile, so listed above are some of the primary colors available for your prizes, along with their significance and purpose.

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