Helping your children one step at a time

 Being able to guide your children in all aspect of life in very essential for them to grow as a productive citizen. Education is just one very important aspect where they will always need guidance especially if they are always having a hard time. but sadly, there are parents that have a hard time getting involved with their children’s school work because of their busy schedules and work. This can result to a lot of problems, mainly the child feeling that they are not cared for.

The Ministry of Education- Malaysia have addressed this issue because while they think that it’s not the parents fault for not being always present, they still need to do their parts as the parents of the child. They put up a system, called saps ibubapa, which has helped a lot of parents in Malaysia take part with their children’s education to help them become better and more productive in everything that they do, because sometimes kids just need that extra nudge from their parents to be motivated.

Checking their kids progress, hassle free

For those parents that hardly have enough time to visit their kid’s school during card days and parent-teacher meetings, they can easily check through SAPS all of their child’s records and see if they have been doing well or not in school. It’s very reliable and you don’t need to go to the school anymore because you have the answers at the tip of your fingers.

Teachers communicating through SAPS

so SAPS work as a platform where you can monitor your children’s grades and whatnot. You can check if they have been passing their projects, exams, and every activity that they are having in school. It’s very easy to utilize and you don’t have to worry because even the old people can easily use it. you don’t need to go wasting your time going to their school when you can just sit down and relax with your family while awaiting your child’s progress being uploaded.

Not everything can be seen on SAPS

Even if all of the tests and examination results are being uploaded to SAPS for you to easily find, there are certain tests which you cannot view because it’s kind of different. Some of these tests are the Form 3 Assessment, the UPSR Testing, and the Certificate of Education Malaysia.

SAPS is a very useful tool which helps parents get involved and address the issue that their children have in their school. If you are one of these parents, then this system can really help you out in taking care of your child’s education in your own special way.


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