How BBG helps in losing your weight easily?

Famously known as BBG, this one is from Kayla Itsines who is a famous Australian personal trainer known for delivering amazing results to the clients. Her contribution is very remarkable in the field of health and fitness and many clients have been benefitted from the valuable guidance offered by her. The Bikini Body Guide can be your take to hit the beach in that hot beachwear to wow yourself every time you look at yourself. This guide will talk about the BBG and how it helps in making you get the benefits that you seek for.

What actually is BBG?

Have you ever heard of a bikini body guide program which helps to cure you from that extra flab in a jiffy? I am sure, you wouldn’t have ever heard of any of such program which helps in curing you from that extra fat on your waist and abs. BBG is one such program which offers you the best services and lets you enjoy your beachwear in an unprecedented manner.

BBG mainly works on the following dimensions:

  • Diet
  • Workout

Philosophy of Kayla is upon healthy eating and surprisingly you don’t need to cut anything from your diet at all. Reason behind her advocating a healthy diet is because your body asks what it actually needs. For instance when you feel like having something fatty and sweet, you are probably missing out the calorie part in your diet. To fulfill such needs, you will have to focus upon getting the apt diet so that you have enough energy to continue with your physical activities.

How the exercise recommended in BBG is performed?

When you are following BBG, perform exercises as per the recommended duration. This plan helps in cutting down your extra fat in 12 weeks. The products offered by Kayla to achieve an ideal body include the following:

  • Bikini Body guide 1.0 workout
  • Bikini Body Guide pdf 2.0 workouts
  • Bikini Body H.E.L.P Diet guide

Buying these products is easier with the official website of Kayla or through some discounted shopping portal.

What is BBG workout plan 1.0?

This plan is meant for the first 12-week period along with a four week session for beginners.

What is BBG workout plan 2.0?

This phase of program helps in cutting down your weight from the 12th week to 24th week. Most of the challenging exercises are recommended for this phase and helps in shedding your weight in a short span of time.

BBG is meant for making you reap better benefits as you can achieve an ideal body in a comparatively short span of time without compromising on the quality.

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