How to get a great deal when buying a hookah

When you are planning to buy a hookah for yourself. If you are a novice in this area, then one needs to take into consideration many things before you decide on the type of hookah or the deal you are looking for.  There are things like height of the hookah, single hose or multiple hose option and most important price. After seeing the options there are a few things you need to examine the hookah in person.

  • Material: When it comes to material the experts believe that solid brass pipes are the best as they don’t corrode. But they do need polishing regularly. If you are not going for solid brass then ensure that you buy a good quality stainless steel hookah.
  • Height: The height of the hookah needs to be around 28 to 32 inches. This is the right height for easy handling and increased performance.
  • Hose options: more number of hoses you may think more fun and frolic. But in this case, the performance of the hookah comes down when you have more number of hoses. Choose one which has rubber stopper option. They stop the other hoses when not in use and improve the performance.

  • Price: many of the hookah deals boil down to price, but be careful while choosing your hookah based on price. If you buy a cheap hookah you will get the cheap quality and vice versa. Traditional hookahs are expensive but may not fit your style. So always choose a good brand. You may spend 15% more than the non-brand ones but they are great investment. Apart from all these factors, one of the important thing to consider is the hookah tobacco.

So when you are looking at tobacco to buy for your hookah, then look for brands and flavors. The flavors range from fruity to minty. If you like spice then they also have a spicy flavor. Other flavors include rice and creamy as well.  Hookah tobacco come in different sizes and innumerable flavor. Do read up on the description and it will give you an idea of about the flavor of the tobacco you are going to buy. There are many deals online to cash in. buy smaller portions of the tobacco so that you can decide on what you like.  But again be careful of the brands you buy. Better brands have good flavors. Now there many new flavors in the market to sample and you can also get an amazing deal with your hookah. There are now collection of tobacco available where you can have mixes from the brand which are already sampled. This makes it easy for you to try new mixes in small quantities and have a great hookah party with your family and friends.


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