How to Make Driving Lessons Work for You

How to Make Driving Lessons Work for You

Learning to drive is one of the key milestones in the lives of many as it opens the whole new world of independence for us. But more often the first driving lessons make us nervous because sitting behind the wheels has its own set of responsibilities as well. How we make the most out of our driving lessons is completely on us. Always insist on starting your training on a simulator before going in for the real world experience. By practising on a simulator one can experience real life situations thereby learning how to react on them. This will help you boost your confidence to a great extent before going behind the wheels. Before going behind the wheels there is a checklist that one should follow

  • Setup your session time when you feel the freshest as this would help grasp better.
  • Choose comfortable shoes with a firm sole.
  • If you need glasses or contact lenses have them in place before you start.
  • Ensure that you have your provisional licence with you.

After you have had good hands on experience on the simulator the next step is the cockpit drill.  This involves an insight into the various controls the car has and how to operate them. For example the session will possibly involve how to adjust the mirrors, learning the steering techniques, changing gears and using the hand brake. This is one of the important sessions as understanding your vehicle is of prime importance before starting. The drill will involve demonstration of the car safety procedures as well. Ensure that you clear all your doubts during the session as this will help you when on road.

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Once you have mastered the various controls and when to us them the next session would involve moving the car, clutch control and how to change gears. Always ask your instructor to give you a practical experience on the same in a not so busy street.  Once you have practised enough on these streets going on busier one’s would be sensible. This might be one of the nerves wrecking sessions for many but staying relaxed is the key. Do not worry as the instructor has controls of the car with him as well. If anything goes wrong he is equipped to handle the situation as well.

After the session your instructor will generally drive to the dropping point. But before this make sure that you have chat with him on what your expectations are. This will provide him a better understanding and will be helpful in training you better. Also ask him to maintain a progress log so that you can assess your progress on a day to day basis.

All said and done always try to enjoy and make the most out of your first driving session as first times are always memorable.

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