Importance of Citizen journalism

Journalism is struggling constantly with confidence of today’s audience, and for retaining the positive reputation, needs adaptation to the contemporary requirements and demands of the media consumers. All these changes will get imposed on own, due to the multi-media age, many people in different ways are involved in this media world by giving their comments, uploading pictures & video clips. They’re no longer only passive observers, however, have an opportunity to be the active creators & critics. Then, why media will not slightly opened this door a bit more and gives entry in the whole new realm? 

Participation of Citizen Journalism

The citizen journalism is a dissemination of information given by the people who aren’t the professional journalists. The citizen journalism is a basis of democracy, which encourages the citizens to participate in the social processes actively. Development of communication technologies and information, especially Internet, has actually led to an emergence of the citizen journalism that means active role of the citizens in this process of collecting, analyzing, reporting, as well as disseminating information and news. All citizens create & distribute this with help of the mobile phones, Internet, computer, and other. Thanks to digital technology, the citizen journalism is accessible universally and relevant globally, and it becomes the important part of content in the traditional media –public & commercial. This has become the important corrections of the official information sources, and helped to create the real & objective view about the world from the official site.

Impact of the citizen journalism on professional journalism

Even though some journalists criticize the citizen journalism for some understandable reasons, it’s nonetheless important to understand that both the types of journalism maintain the collaborative relationship, which will be qualified as the vertical. The relation will be referred as the vertical because information goes from bottom; the citizen journalist, to the professional ones even though latter depends on former to improve their stories.


The citizen journalism involves some active participation of the citizens in newsgathering & reporting. The alternative journalism plays different roles in exposing corruption, documenting abuses of any power, encouraging accountability, as well as giving alternative views about local & international current affairs.

Because journalism is to inform, educate as well as report within crisis to enrich the traditional journalism for general public to understand the complete story there’s not any need to put emphasizes to its importance.

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