Kalyal itsiness workout program is an intense one and each person needs to spend thirty minutes each day. The program has high intensity workouts. Starting with cardio which is low intensity steady state – LISS, the person must move in one pace and then HIIT which is High Intensity Interval Training where the person must really work hard and the do it over and over. Then they can start with some resistance training, where they will use the body weight and few equipment like medicine ball or dumbbells.  The program also includes stretching which helps in becoming flexible and stronger. The person can mix different workouts each day and see which suits best for them. If a person is not active before, then there is another plan which helps them to slowly increase the speed. Once the person is going through the program and is tracking the progress, after few week, they can share their success stories with others. The other plan which the Bikini Body Guide gives is healthy eating and change of life style, which is H.E.L.P.

According to target area

The Bikini Body Guide of workouts is a tough one where the person can see results in three months. Target area arm are also given which includes push ups, and other workouts which strengthen biceps, triceps and muscles of the arms. The other target area is legs. The legs circuit is with squats, lunges and other workouts which kill the legs and make the muscles stronger. The other target area is glutes and during the leg routine workouts, glutes become stronger. The other focus area is back. For toning the back, there are no particular workouts, but there it included in arm exercises and circuit training.

Can plan according to the workout type

One can plan doing the workouts as per the type like flexibility, aerobic, low intensity steady state, high intensity interval training and strength. The entire workout must end with stretches. Its better to do one session at each week. They can use a foam roller and do the total stretching. The aerobic can also be included which is of two types LISS and HIIT.  LISS can be done for thirty to forty five minutes and then they can walk or swim. HIIT can also be done where, one can workout for thirty seconds and take a break. They can do the same for ten to fifteen minutes. The other type is strength which includes body weigh, jump training and strength training. They can do two circuits of seven minutes each. Then again do the same for three to four times in each week. The person can do these at home with no equipment or can follow the routine at a gym.


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