Real time updates at the palm of your hand

Real time updates at the palm of your hand

Football is one of the world’s most popular ball sports and has one of the most supportive (and sometimes rowdy) fanbase all around the globe.  These fans usually show their love and support to the team by going to the shows with make ups with the team colours as well as jerseys, banners and tarpaulins among other things. They also form team fan clubs as a sign of support as well.

This is why it’s usually a big deal when a fan misses watching the game live. This might also be the reason behind the creation of the Live Fußball Bundesliga app. Thankfully for the fans, the app developers must also be avid fans of the sport, that is why they created an app to keep fans updated on every new Bundesliga news there is

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Real time in game updates anywhere

The app allows you to receive real time updates of the game which you so unfortunately cannot see due to various reasons so that you won’t feel bad about not being able to see it as well as it would cure your urge. It’s also better that getting the updates from your friends who from time to time post updates about the game on social media. You will receive real time updates regarding the scores as well as the various penalties the players may incur during the game. The app keeps you updated so you would feel like you’re just in the stadium watching.

Handy news to keep you in the loop

Aside from being able to get real time updates, the app offers you various juicy and new news about your favourite club as well as the entire league via push notifications. This lets you in on anything and everything that’s happening in the leagues as well as your favourite football club, so while you might miss the live game, at least you’re not really missing anything.

No need to break out that wallet

Oh happy days. This app not only gives you updates, it’s also free to download. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s free to download. How could things not get any better than that, right? It’s also available for download in the play store for any mobile android device that supports it.

This app may just be the next best thing since football became a thing. It offers you real time updates on almost everything in the game as well as a few other precious contents like videos of the plays of the day, winning goal and player interviews among other things. This app is surely going to be a mainstay on all the diehard fans’ mobile phone, including yours.


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