Reasons Why Lie Detectors Are So Important

Taking a lie detector tests is under taken by the foreign seek department and the sounds very simple. But there are much legal compliance to be followed in completing this. However, many employers and legal firms etc. prefer using this for many reasons. What it basically does is to identify the intentions of the person by measuring the person’s physiology. Polygraphs are the devices that are used as lie detectors which work on measuring physiology based on the person’s breath rate, sweat rate and blood pressure. So, what happens is, if the person is lying, there are changes in these activities and the device works by measuring these.

Why is lie detector important?

Like the name says, it can detect the physiology of the person. So, when the person is trying to lye, there is a change in his breath and blood pressure and the machine works by detecting that. It is also found that the machine works accurately for about 80-90% of times.

lie detector tests

Lie detectors are increasingly used in many areas in the world. They are used by employers, legal firms, Crime investigation services etc. For each of these fields, detecting the facts about an instance is the key to get a solution to the problem and the lie detecting machine helps in distinguishing the truth from deceptive information. By knowing the facts, you get to know the right victim and it is easier to take appropriate steps further.

The next thing is many firms use lie detectors to know the intentions and more about the candidature of the person applying for a particular designation. This could be seen in hiring a person for specific roles that include handling of confidential data or can also be used even to check if the person is the right match for this position. This allows the employer to short list the potential candidates for a particular position.

Another instance where lie detectors seem to be useful is in case of detecting the false doing. There could be injuries, allegations of sexual harassment etc. where there is lack of more information or the person might not be accepting the false. Lie detector helps many legal firms and the employer in some cases to detect the false of the person.

How does the machine detect?

The polygraph test includes a recording instrument and a set of questionnaire that are asked in different phases of the test. These questionnaire are tailored and designed by experts. A particular set of questionnaire are asked in the pretest review to ensure that the examinee understands the questions and to induce the subject to the person. The machine then works by analyzing the cardiovascular activity of the person through his blood pressure and rate of breathing.

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