Simple Hacks for Men’s Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it looks like we always want more, more, more. Not every guyhas the time to do a major precondition so here are few fashion hacks and grooming tips and tricks that you can apply to improve your appearance without spending too much money or time.

Maintain your jeans by freezing it

Cleaning your denim regularly can disgrace the natural color but not cleaning them is not an option. Solution to this is to smack your jeans in the refrigeratorfor one nightin order to kill the bad odor producing bacteria and to retain the denim’s natural dye.

Men's Fashion

Discover the jeans that fits you

Sometimes it might happen that you don’t get any trial room in a shopping mall. Use the length of your forearm to determine if the jeans will fix correctly. The length of an arm from your elbow to the fist tallies to your waist size.

Use ice cubes to remove gum from clothes

It’s a possibility to have an incident like the stickiness of gum in your cloth. How to remove it? The solution to this is freezing it with ice for 15 minutes. When the gum becomes brittle and hard you can remove it.

Use white wine to remove stains of red wine

White wine can easily dissolve the pigment that produces color in red wine. It’s suggested to wash your cloth immediately with stain-remover detergent after using the white wine to keep away the bleached stains. Don’t soak your clothes for a longer time to avoid lasting damage.

End using short-lived summer perfumes

The summer fragrances easily vaporize on your skin as soon as you apply. To ensure the pleasant waft lingers for a longer time, apply it to the less habitual areas of your body. The biceps and chest are the recommended places to start; since the rate of vaporization is slower here, they opposed to your wrists and neck. Using a scent-free moisturizer before applying the scents can also hold the fragrance for longer.

Shirt fit with a simple sit

If you like to wear bottom down shirts, choose a slim fit shirt, but how it appears when you sit is a calculative factor. It’s assumed that while sitting, if your bottoms are pulling and yourskin is viewing from the side then it’s time to move up your size division.

Remove the yellow ring around the collar

Dreaded yellow stains are very common in men’s shirt which is caused by a buildup of dead skin, sweat, and hair product. Apply the stain remover to the color or affected areas and soak it for a few hours according to the stubbornness. After an hour, wash it with hand and repeat the procedure using a toothbrush by rubbing the stain remover.

Unshrinking your clothes

To avoid shrinking of clothes, soak it with hair conditioner and hot water for few minutes before stretching it carefully. This process reverts back to its normal look and leaves a daisy smell.


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