You may not know it, but there’s more to printing than your standard home computer. What you have attached to your laptop is useful for printing documents for school or work, but there’s so much more to it. The world of printing has been around for ages and is now progressing to printing 3D objects!

Knowing the different types can help you judge what the best printing job is. If you’ll have trouble remembering, then plenty of printing services can offer their expertise in this area. It just helps to keep track of the basics so you’ll know the difference between one compared to the other.

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The All-Around Print Job

With the rise in technology as of late, printing has been given a more advanced makeover. Digital printing has become the print job favored by most people. This is the type of printing used when you need to transfer something from a computer into a surface. That’s why it’s favored by plenty of digital artists. Your standard home printer can probably print on paper or cardboard, but digital printing can be done on several surfaces like canvas, leather, and even glass.

Printing on T-Shirts Done Right

Logos on t-shirts got to where they were thanks to screen printing. It has this name because a type of screen is pressed on the material to imprint a specific image on it. Imagine a big waffle iron that can fit a t shirt. Screen printing works in a similar fashion. The quality of screen printing isn’t as consistent as digital printing. That’s why you have to be more careful when picking someone to do this for you. A great company is JPC Chicago. They’re basically printing center USA because of how many printing options they provide.

The Most Famous One of All

While digital printing is used by many people in their homes, it’s actually not the most popular type. Offset printing is the type of print job used the most across the globe. It is the most inexpensive plus it has great quality. Plenty of newspapers and letters are printed using this. With the speed and quality this type of printing has, it’s no surprise why it’s the most popular technique.

Time will only tell what type of printing technology will give us in the future. We already have 3D printing but it will not stop there. Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be able to print a house!

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