Buying A Newly Built Home

The Numerous Advantages Of Buying A Newly Built Home

     In today’s real estate and property markets, there are many choices available to be able to own a house and call it your own. One has the option to either buy a resale home, one that is previously owned by another family. They can opt to buy a fixer-upper or a house that is so run down that it sold really cheap. They can buy a newly built home, or they can have one custom made or pre-ordered to your specifications. The last two options, although not the cheapest at the onset, stands to save you a lot of money in the long run. Check out their numerous advantages as we go on below.

Intact Home Warranties

    In A new house for sale in petaling jaya, the warranties begin as soon as the key is turned over to the new owner. It is not uncommon to find warranties that range anywhere from 1-5 years on the built-in appliances, not to mention the manufacturer’s warranties and up to 20 years on important structures such as roofing and structural integrity of the building itself. This alone makes getting a new house over a resale a very attractive option.

A New House Is Green

    A new house will have the utmost advantage over an older one especially in terms of energy efficiency/ Not only are there newer standards for energy efficiency rating in place that was not in place before, but materials have gotten better in terms of efficiency in dissipating heat. Tighter seals are in place that helps prevent the loss of heat or cool air during the summer and winter months. This translates to major cost savings on utility bills and a generally less carbon footprint overall. This does not only cover the insulation and ventilation systems but extend into the appliances that will be built into the house. As an example, newer air conditioner, washers, and dryers have the inverter technology now that is built in and consumes less power when operating.

Buying A Newly Built Home

Fewer Maintenance Costs

    Newer homes have that obvious tendency to have fewer repairs and maintenance needed. The few things that need to be done is mostly preventive in nature and major repairs will be years ahead into the future and even longer if proper maintenance is done regularly in the house’s lifetime. This is not the case in a fixer-upper or a resale. Carpets, bathroom tiling, and pipe repair may be the least of your worries in an old resale home. This would cost out of your pockets upwards of thousands of dollars.

Financing Will Most Likely Be Available

   As the homes evolve in design and being energy efficient, so too does the financing schemes that are available to make them yours. Before it used to be banks and financial institutions would be responsible for lending money for an individual to own a home through a mortgage. It still holds true now but with the addition of the contractors and builders themselves that finance the build. This helps tremendously with a soon to be homeowner. These contractors will have their own preferred lenders and they usually have a cut from them making it a win-win for both parties.

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