Top 7 Adventurous Places to Discover in the US

You would be watching sports just for fun, sooner or later your passion toward the sports would be eternal. Generally, sports would make you compel, move, cry for loss, celebrate for the victory, and sometimes it might glower. Sports cause the best among everyone to blight your own root interest and turn irrational over the time and occurrence.

Nothing can beat the fan following to the local team because you have lived with the emotions and gone through the highs and lows. You might know that sports tell you story and teach you something important after each game whether you win or loss. If you’re a sport person then make sure you visit the following places to experience the thrill and catch some exciting moments.

Adventurous Places

1.     Drive a tank in Kasota, Minnesota

You can recreate the scenes from the movie “Band of Brothers” by driving the tank in the largest military tanks that are available in the US, such as Mark 5 Centurion and Sherman E8 battle tanks. Pick the armored-vehicle excursion from the simple manning battle tank to transfer advanced tours, which includes shooting machine guns and crushing cars from the crew compartments.

2.     Paraglide over the Maui

The better way to experience the world’s biggest quiescent volcano is paragliding from the slopes. You can enjoy the paragliding take off from the Haleakala slopes that’s at 10,000 feet height on Maui. If you’re a beginner then you can test the mettle with shorter distance at 1000 feet descent, but it’s not same for true adventure. It begins at the 3000 foot featuring around 15 minutes of airtime over the lavender farms and lush tropical landscape.

3.     Skydive in Pismo, California

If you want to jump out of a plane and view the dramatic look of California shoreline from the height of 10,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean at 120 mph. Local outfitter Skydive offers a trio of mountain bike preferences, like 24, 45 or 60 seconds with briefs novices before taking to the skies.

4.     Ride the highest, longest, and fastest zip line

Its season’s favorite, but depends on either snow or lush that’s above 600 feet under the speed limit of 3,200 feet cable. This skyrider tour is said to be the amazing daring which has three preferences at the Hunter Mountain’s Zipline adventure tours. This Zipline course is the second largest in the world and biggest in North America, which is around 650 feet tall.

5.     Zero gravity zone

You can be an astronaut in the Zero-G, which has huge number of aerobatic maneuvers called parabolas and experience weightlessness in Boeing 727.

6.     Canyoneer through Moab, Utah

This place is known for its world-class mountain biking, it also has some great canyoneering paths which takes you from carved sandstone slot of great canyons to the ancient water-filled pools. The interesting outfitters serving area is Red River Adventures, offers several guided canyoneering paths including the relatively easy to sensible Chamisa Canyon and Ephedra’s Grotto. They include scrambling, couple of rappels, and hiking and also a combo day trip canyoneering with rafting down to the Colorado River.

7.     Wild ride in Tahoe

This is the single-track mountain-bike path that heads primarily downhill from the Tahoe Rim Trail for a long mile and the total descent is more than 2500 feet. There are multiple steep drops at the start, plus sections traversing rocks, you can experience the amazing views of the California-Nevada straddling lake.


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