Understanding More About BBCOR

Understanding More About BBCOR

You might’ve stumbled upon a baseball bat inside a store that says “BBCOR Certified” on that particular sports equipment, but have you ever wondered what the initials mean? Before we get to that note, know that BBCOR bats have existed in the baseball industry for quite some time now.

Even to this day, there are a bunch of questions looming around the heads of baseball fans everywhere about BBCOR. Could this be a BBCOR certified bat? What are the best bbcor bats of all time? Do I need a BBCOR bat if I already own and use a baseball bat? These are but some of the common inquiries that some individuals have when they want to learn more about BBCOR.

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What is BBCOR?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, or simply BBCOR for short, is the standard for baseball bats pertaining to how much energy is lost once the bat gets into contact with the ball. Simply speaking, the higher the number you find on the BBCOR baseball bat, the more trampoline effect it has as designated by testing methods. It was decided by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) that 0.50 is the maximum allowable figure for a BBCOR bat to achieve. For comparison’s sake, that number is just slightly higher than a wooden bat.

The Creation of the BBCOR Standard

Before BBCOR came into the scene, there was BESR, and this is the ratio that compared the speed of the ball coming from the barrel to the incoming pitch speed. However, the safety of baseball players was put into the equation whenever the ball flies to them at high speeds. Thus, the BBCOR standard was born as it reduces batted ball speed by as much as 5% as compared to the BESR standard. Many wooden bats already pass the BBCOR certification test. However, baseball bats with composite barrels are still subject to an Accelerated Break-In (ABI) examination to ensure that players make use of the piece of sporting equipment at peak performance while still maintaining BBCOR standards.

Am I Required to Have a BBCOR Bat?

If you play in leagues that follow NCAA and NFHS rules, then yes, you need a baseball bat that meets BBCOR certification requirements. Some older divisions of major Youth baseball organizations, such as USSSA, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, Dixie, Little League, and PONY might also require the use of a BBCOR baseball bat.

How to Know if This is a BBCOR Certified Bat?

All non-wooden baseball bats will carry a mark that says “BBCOR Certified,” along with a number right beside it. The figure will usually be at 0.50, or somewhere near that number. If you’re not sure if a bat is BBCOR certified or not then you can always refer to the list of NCAA certified bats found in the Washington State University’s list.

Now that you now know quite a bit about BBCOR and how it came to be, you’re now free to choose which baseball bat is fit for your play style and other particular requirements. Just make sure the bat meets BBCOR standards to avoid acquiring issues in leagues.

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