Wart treatment –How to find a wart treatment that works

Warts are irritating, painful and disturbing. They occur in many parts of the body particularly in the areas where there is lot of pressure. Though Warts disappear in some months or years naturally, the discomfort that the patient undergoes provokes to look for a medical solution for the same. While there are self treatments for this which can be done at home, there needs to be a self-sufficient approach and trust worthy resource to resolve it permanently. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, one can comfortably work out some remedies with http://www.wartremover.net/.

Some home tips like Vitamin C and E tablets, Aloevera juice, Pineapple juice and other elements work out well in some cases. Some doctors opine that leaving warts untreated is the best treatment as most of them disappear within some months.  However, if the problem is persisting and turns out to be painful it is advisable to undergo medical treatment. As all the treatments do not derive fruitful benefits, it is essential that you take right advice and do necessary research to avoid reoccurrence and ensure permanent solution.


As for this, the most common advised and successful treatment is acid based medication in liquid, gel or pad as all of these contain salicylic acid which softens the affected cells and dissolve them.

Drop few drops of medicine in water and soak the wart in water to ensure the medicine is deeply absorbed by the skin. Then slowly rub off the dead skin with a clean and soft cloth. You can even use a pumice stone but make sure you use it gently. Do not reuse the cloth and pumice stone as it may result in the occurrence of infection in other places of the body. After application of the medicine, the area should be covered with a tape to avoid any kind of bacteria surrounding the wart and help Salicylic acid penetrate into the skin. After rigorous application for some weeks, you will start to see the dead skin falling off and the wart fading away.

See if the above treatment works out for you. Ideally, this does not have any side effects. Also read more on http://www.wartremover.net/. If this goes in vain, consult a good dermatologist and enquire all other options and the best feasible treatment that suits your skin.

Other treatments available are:

·         Freezing it with liquid nitrogen.

  • Burning it off with electric needle
  • Injecting drugs.
  • injecting antigens

Find out the best suitable treatment for you before going to stick to one.

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