What will happen if Earth kept getting hurt

What will happen if Earth kept getting hurt?

You have heard of animals going extinct, right? Well, it’s about to happen right now. You’ve seen many forms of pollution and habitat destruction. There are many reasons why we experience biodiversity loss, but the number one reason is because of humans who don’t even think twice when they do something that can hurt the planet.

In every dark hour, there will always be light. People at Save earth work hard to inform everyone what it means when the Earth collapses due to the many pressures that humans inflict upon it. You cannot always do everything by yourself. Even if you do the smallest effort; imagine if all the people will do that. The impact is going to be big and will slowly help the Earth recover from all the abuse it has experienced.

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Killing for Fashion

Some humans are like the real life Cruella de Vil. Because of that, people kill thousands of animals everyday just to make their original crocodile skin bags, their fake eyelashes, and so much more! IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Killing innocent animals just to satisfy your thirst for the latest release of that $1000 designer bag? Why not pick something cruelty free? Even make-up needs to test it on animals and for what? It really boggles some peoples mind why brands need to experiment on animals. Why don’t they test it on criminals who have done more than just kill? After all, they are testing human products, right?

The Types of Pollution

Air and Water Pollution, these are mostly done by humans. Humans are the reasons why air pollution is everywhere; the cars that burn fossil fuel and the factories that emit thick, black smoke out into the open air. Harmful chemicals are thrown into the water and other form of chemicals like agricultural by-products. The ocean is suffering and you cannot find fresh air if you don’t go away from the city. Pollution is everywhere and humans are not the only one who’s suffering, animals and sea creatures are suffering because of this.

Destruction of the Habitat

People who work to cut the tress and risk their lives in order to feed themselves and their family are not one to blame, it’s the humans behind it. Many believe that it’s to make lives easier, but what they don’t know is that the less forests humans have, the more destruction of habitat that affects animals and humans alike; which is why global warming is already rising at an alarming rate and experts are already looking for a way to save the coral reefs from bleaching because of the heat. It is very sad to say that the Great Barrier Reef is already dead because of humans.

These are the reasons as to why the earth is at a standstill and is dying day by day. If this continues, just know that there will be no more Earth for the future generations and they’ll be experiencing the wrath of Earth if this keeps on happening.

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