Working of infrared heaters and their general knowhow

Heaters are used to warm the cold air during winters. There are many types of heaters that use different methods of heating the air and they can be chosen for small or large areas or even for outdoors. Infrared heaters are also a type of radiant heaters that produce heat with electromagnetic induction. They work in a way similar to sun’s process of heating the Earth. Infrared heaters work from a distance ensuring healthy and safety heating of the area which makes you feel warm.

How do infrared heaters work?

Unlike the traditional heaters, which gather the heat up on the ceiling and use high amounts of energy to generate heat, infrared heaters are energy efficient and release the heat slowly and work by locking the heat in the object which gives a warm feeling. So, invisible heat rays are passed through the air on the objects that heats up the air and things around us absorb the heat and hence you feel warm. With this, the hot air is actually making the things around and is trapped in the objects that do not escape when ventilated.

Hence, Infrared heaters are beneficial to health, energy saving and environmental friendly too.

More about Infrared heaters:

  1. There are many types of infrared heaters. Some work on the simple principle of directing their invisible light rays directly on the object to heat up the space. While others work by using bulbs, heat exchanger and the fan installed in it to create, exchange and blow air into the space.
  2. Infrared heaters also use different types of fuel sources like natural gas, propane or electricity. They are also made of different materials like ceramic and portable materials etc. With different types of infrared heaters, the output of heat and their operating temperatures vary.
  3. If you are looking for electric model of infrared heaters, then there are many use different volts and Hertz of power to generate heat.
  4. Using electric infrared heaters is also not harmful to environment as they do not release any harmful fumes. On the other hand, using fuel heaters do cause some harm to the environment.
  5. There are some infrared heaters that are claimed not to take away any humidity from air.


While Infrared heaters are energy efficient and good for large areas too, they are generally not meant to be used as a central heating system or for the entire house. Infrared works really well even in places where there is constant ventilation and opening of doors.

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